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Christmas Crimewatch Porch Pirate Season
Posted on Dec 3rd, 2022

Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping is over. The Christmas season is about to ramp up into full swing and and unfortunately the criminals are not taking any holiday time off this year. It's PORCH PIRATE SEASON too!! We have had reports that they are busy throughout Well Branch, including Stoneridge!!
This is the season when the criminals follow around the Amazon and UPS trucks hoping to get the presents off your porch before you can get them under the tree. Don't make it easy. Use the secure lockers that are being offered or even though it is a hassle to pick them up at a Delivery station, it's better to receive your package than to give it to the Grinch. Nothing is worse than purchasing the perfect present and having it stolen at your front door. Use the Close Patrol Request below to have the Constable drive by several times to keep an eye on the home if you are going out of town. Having increased police patrols around is the best deterrent to crime!
If you are going out of town for the holidays you can file a Close Patrol by the Travis County Sheriffs Office by clicking on the link CLOSE PATROL REQUEST

A few tips to help avoid being a target for crime include:
  • Always lock your home's doors and windows, even if you are at home.
  • When leaving town for an extended period, have a trusted friend,neighbor or family member take care of your home. Ask them to pick up your mail, newspapers and other deliveries.
  • Notify your police department when you are planning an extended absence, and they will routinely check your property. Also, do not tell strangers that you will be away.
  • You should neither leave notes on your door nor messages on your answering machine, detailing your schedule or return.
  • Avoid displaying gifts where they can be seen from outside your home through a window or doorway. Leave burglars guessing at what they will find and where to find them.
  • If possible, have packages delivered to a neighbor if you are not home. Deliveries left outside are easily stolen by thieves, and they also draw unwanted attention to your home.
  • Elaborate and or expensive outdoor Christmas decorations are often stolen right from your property. You should consider installing simpler and cheaper outside decorations.
  • Do not decorate your windows to the point that your view to the outside of your home is obscured. You need a clear view of your property.
  • Dispose of packaging for expensive items discreetly. Thieves can spot something you have discarded and target your home for their next burglary or theft.
  • For example, when you make large purchases, do not leave the empty boxes on the curb. Break them down and place them on the bottom of your trash pile on the day of pickup.
  • Be alert to the UPS and Fed Ex trucks dropping off packages and moving on quickly. There have been reports of vehicles following these package delivery trucks, waiting a few minutes and then running up to the doors and stealing the packages right off the porch!
  • Do not attempt to intervene but instead CALL 911 and give a description of the vehicle and a license plate if possible. Do not put yourself in jeopardy but instead allow law enforcement to take the immediate action!

Remember YOU ARE THE EYES AND EARS OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH! Call 911 immediately if you see someone suspicious.