Architectural Change Request

Review additional information about policy and enforcement of CCRs and the Bylaws.
The Architectural Review Committee
The Architectural Committee is the body responsible for approving exterior house modifications as outlined in the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCRs) for Wells Branch Residential Property Owners Association, Inc. (commonly known as Stoneridge Wells Branch POA). 
This committee consists of no more than 3 voting members and such additional nonvoting members that may serve in an advisory capacity, as the Board of Directors may deem necessary. The duties of the committee include, but are not limited to the review of all proposed construction and improvements to the properties that are members of the Stoneridge POA.
Examples of Improvements
The type of modifications covered include all patios, pools, fences, buildings, roofs, color scheme/paint/finishes, garages, storage sheds, decks, etc. 
Proposed construction or modification of any improvement, including, but not limited to the location, size, shape, configuration, materials, site plans, drainage, landscaping, and fencing plans must be reviewed by the committee.
Consult the CCRs for additional information.
Submission and Approval Process
Submit requests for modifications, including fences, to the office indicated below for forwarding to the Architectural Committee. Interim communications may be via email, phone, text.
  1. Download the Stoneridge Request for Architectural Review documents from the website: 
  2. Complete the form and assemble related documentation
    • Requests should include a sketch or copy of the project, including materials, colors, lot lines, easement lines, and plot plans.
  3. Submit to The Bishop Company via postal mail, email, or fax.
    • If emailing, use subject line: "Stoneridge Architectural Request/House # Street Name"
The Committee's goal is to notify you of approval or denial within 15 days after reviewing the request. Notification may be via email or postal mail.
  • No fees are being currently being assessed for review of improvements. 
  • The management company will log the request and forward to the Architectural Committee for prompt consideration.
  • Plans should be submitted promptly, in order to allow time for the complete review of the improvement.
  • The review by the committee will be made in a timely manner, but will not be considered on an immediate basis. (e.g., We cannot give you “same day” approvals.)
  • The committee may request additional information regarding plans, color schemes and other documentation relevant to the improvement. This may delay the review process.
  • Should the request be denied, the committee will furnish reasonable detail as to why. In that event, the property owner has the right to request a hearing within 30 days.
Written approval of the plans submitted must be obtained PRIOR to the beginning of construction of the property improvement.  Starting a project before gaining approval may result in fines and/or the homeowner being required to remove or further modify the improvement.
Contact Information
The Bishop Company
P.O. Box 9722, Austin, TX 78766
Phone: 512-451-6602
Fax: 512-451-6591