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Garbage and Recycle Bins
In transitioning to our new management company, CSA Realty Group, they requested we provide clarification on how to enforce specific components of our CCRs in order to avoid over-enforcement while still remaining within the spirit of the code.  One of those requests was for guidance on Article II section 2.05: Rubbish and Debris. 

"2.05   Rubbish and Debris.  No rubbish or debris of any kind shall be placed or permitted to accumulate upon the Property and no odors shall be permitted to arise therefrom so as to render the Property or any portion of it unsanitary, unsightly, offensive or detrimental to any other property or to its occupants.  Refuse, garbage and trash shall be kept at all times in covered containers and such containers shall be kept within enclosed structures or appropriately screened from view."

The Architecture Review Committee has recommended the following clarification of II.2.05 to the Stoneridge POA board who have approved the wording and passed it on to CSA.

"Waste containers, limited to a regular size, must be concealed behind or within a screening fence or a permanent structure (such as a garage or a backyard fence).

Suitable screening is at least as high as the tallest container with a maximum height of existing fencing, and may include, among other options, solid fence slats or wood pickets (with gaps between pickets no wider than the standard spacing of wooden picket fences in the neighborhood). 
Prior approval from the ARC is necessary before installation of screens or construction of any other form. Approval will be granted if the proposed construction adheres to the screening functionality and aesthetic standards outlined in the CCRs."

CSA will hold off on enforcement (the process of which is defined in the CCRs) until January 1, 2025.  Fortunately, a span of eight months is ample time to guarantee these criteria are met.  It's understandable this might be unwelcome news but we are thankful CSA solicited our individual neighborhood's perspective instead of enforcing based on broad policy. 
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Payment of Assessments
Assessments are payable to:  Stoneridge c/o CSA Management, Inc.,   9011 Mountain Ridge Dr. #200, Austin, TX 78759   Their accounts are NOT connected to the POA website.  Look on the Meetings and Information page for a reminder about how to create / log in to your account with CSA Management, Inc,  CSA also receives the Architectural Request forms and will send out CCR violation notices.  On January 1, 2024, the Annual Assessment will be $300. per year.  
New Architectural Change Request form
The new Architectural Change Request form has now been uploaded to this website.  Homeowners also received a copy via email from the CSA Management, Inc.  ARC form, CSA Management, Inc.   Any change to the exterior of the house / property must be approved by the Architectural Committee prior to starting the project.  It may take up to 90 days for approval.  Examples of items needing approval:  painting, fencing, concrete work, masonry work, roof and structural repair, water feature and pool installation and alteration, ...  Always review the Covenants, Conditions, and Rules.