Holiday Decorating Contest

The Entrances will be decorated on the following dates in 2024
Decorating and take down is at 8:30 a.m.  Meet at the Entrances to volunteer.
Memorial Day - put up on May 25th and take down on June 1st 
Independence Day - put up on June 29th and take down on July 6th
Labor Day - put up on August 31st and take down on September 7th.  Only a few flags will be placed.
December Holidays - put up on November 30th and take down on January 4th, 2025
The Decorations Committee Chair is Chantal.
The Stoneridge Holiday Decorating Contest 2023
There are three categories:  Best Overall, Most Festive, and Most Traditional
Judging will occur between December 15-17th.  If there is inclement weather that weekend, judging will occur December 18th -19th.  Please leave your decorations on during that week so the judges do not miss your lovely home. Join in the fun and go for a stroll to enjoy the decorations.  
There is still room on the entrance trees for your ornament and the bridge has room for your wreath.
Decorations will be removed on 
The Stoneridge Holiday Decorating Contest Winners 2023
14825 Bescott Most Creative Use of Lights - photo unavailable at this time. 
1800 Camas, Best Overall Use of lights 
1708 Camas Most Traditional Use of Lights
Stoneridge Holiday Decorating Contest 2022
                             Best Overall                               Most Festive                            Most Traditional  
                          14901 Bescott Dr.                       14713 Bescott Dr.                    14905 Bescott Dr.
A BIG THANKS to all for the homeowners that shared in the online voting for your favorite 2022 Holiday Winners!