Member Accounts

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Accessing Your Account
  1. Choose LOGIN at the top right hand corner of any page.
  2. Enter Your Username and Password
How to Update Profile
Periodically review the information on file in your account to assure it is up to date:    
  1. Log In (top right corner).
  2. Click YOUR PROFILE (top right corner)
  3. Review your profile and make any edits
  4. Refine what displays in the member's directory (if anything)
  5. Add up to 2 alternative members (spouse, housemate, renter). These are Level 2 accounts that can receive general information but do not cast official votes.
Important Notes
  • Each account requires an email address.
  • We also ask for a mobile phone number for text alerts; however, providing a text-capable phone number is optional. Text alerts could be helpful in time-sensitive situations like emergencies or urgent crime alerts.
  • Homeowners have the ability to OPT OUT of email correspondence.  If you choose that, it is your responsibility to monitor the website for information. Only rare items that the POA is required to mail will be sent via postal services.
  • The Web Team gets an alert when member information is updated, and we share with CSA Management Co., if relevant. This would primarily be an update to Name, Mailing Address, Email, Phone.  There are note fields if you want to explain - for example that email address used here is deliberately different than that on file with CSA Management Co. Changes should always be emailed to CSA Management Co.
Not Sure about Your Credentials? Start Here
  • Try logging in with your Username (probably email) and likely password.  If that doesn't work...
    • Key the email address you think is associated with the account
    • If email address is the one on file, the system will email you the Username or a link to re-set the password (good for 3 hours)
    • If email is not on file, you will see this message: "Unable to send login instructions. Contact Stoneridge Wells Branch POA for assistance."
      • Try another email address or contact the web team for assistance.
  • The Username may contain alphanumeric and _-.!@# characters and must be between 8 and 80 characters.
  • For convenience, many members set their UserName as their primary email address. 
  • For some of the accounts established by the Web team, the primary email address was still unverified, so another option was employed for UserName. (Information was sent to each of these homeowners.) 
  • If in doubt, you can easily recover this information yourself! (See section above.)
  • Once you are logged into YOUR PROFILE, you can change the UserName if you wish. 
Note: Although many people list their email address as a UserName, this field is not for communication; it is not an address field.  There is an explicit field called EMAIL ADDRESS.  THAT is the field used for communications, so be sure to keep information current.
Do I Have an Account? / What about New Owners?
As of 12/3/2022 each of our 135 properties has a primary account in this platform for access, communications, and voting (Level 1 User). Either you created your own account or the administrators established it and emailed you instructions.
When a house is sold, CSA Management, Inc. notifies the Association and includes contact information for the new owner. The Web Team sets up a basic account for the new owner and emails them information so they can refine their profile. The Web Team then deactivates accounts previously affiliated with the property.
Can a Renter Have an Account?
Yes! Although you do not vote in business (property owner) meetings, we hope you will be an active part of our community. We will set you up as a "Level 2" user so you can be part of Stoneridge's activities and communications.  Register via the website and include a note in the Admin Comment field that you are not the owner or contact the Web Team with your information (name, address, phone number, email, yes/no to possible texting).
Can More Than One Household Member Have an Account?
Yes, login to your account and access YOUR PROFILE.  There's an option to create Level 2 members affiliated with your household. (Currently max is 2, but if the community needs more, we can discuss.)  Your vote for official association business - like election of Board members - can only be made by the primary (Level 1) member.  Level 2 members can log in to the platform, view the neighbor directory, receive communications. These will each be shown as a listing in the directory (if they choose to appear).
Several households have only one account and display two first names in the field for directory purposes.  Example: Smith, Tom & Alice
Can I Access My CSA Management Co. Account / Pay Dues Through This Platform?
No. Stoneridge Wells Branch POA contracts with CSA Management, perform property management services which include managing the regular assessment (homeowner dues), Covenants, Conditions, and Rules (CCR)  enforcement, liens, or other financial account matters. CSA Management Co. has its own, separate processes.  This platform is used by Association leadership to provide a website, communications, and secure storage of members-only information as well as other features.
Privacy and Security
  • Contact Details: Your contact details will be used only for association business and communications from the POA leadership and CSA Management Inc. Contact information will not be shared with 3rd parties.    
  • Member Directory: YOU choose what - if any - of your contact information displays in the directory that can be seen only by members who have logged in.   
    • We encourage you to at least show name, house #, street (that much is available to anyone who looks at the TCAD property records). 
  • Password Storage: For security reasons, this platform stores passwords in hashed form. This guards against the possibility that someone who gains unauthorized access to the database can retrieve the passwords of every user in the system. Hashing performs a one-way transformation on a password, turning the password into another value, called the hashed password. “One-way” means that it is practically impossible to go the other way - to turn the hashed password back into the original password.
  • Password Transmission: The hashed password value is not encrypted before it is stored in the database. When a member submits the password using the login form, the password is sent in clear text to the server.  The website software takes the clear text password, performs a similar one-way hash and compares it to the database value. If the passwords match, then login is successful.
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