Governing Documents

Dedicatory Instruments (Governing Documents) for Stoneridge POA
Texas state law requires that the dedicatory instruments of an POA be posted online for all members to reference.
These are recorded with the Travis County Clerk's Office and/or the Texas Secretary of State (SOS).
The Association was created in 1995 when the developer exited and established a non-profit property owners association to assume management.  In the original paperwork, the organization is referred to as Wells Branch Residential Property Owners Association, Inc. To lessen confusion with other sections of Wells Branch, in 2022, the membership voted to amend the Bylaws and the official name of this area is Wells Branch Residential Property Owners Association, Inc., d/b/a Stoneridge Wells Branch Property Owners Association.  Wells Branch was developed in sections, and Stoneridge is comprised of Phase P and Phase R
Each Stoneridge homeowner receives information about the POA as part of the home purchase and signs a "Planned Unit Development Rider" which explains the terms and responsibilities. Membership is not optional. If you did not receive this information at your property purchase closing, contact your Title Company for further information.
Stoneridge is part of Wells Branch Municipal Utility District (MUD). It is located in Travis County and bears an Austin address, but it is not inside the city limits. The neighborhood includes 132 single-family homes and 3 small green space lots. 
Annual homeowner dues for this community are used to cover the costs of:
  • maintaining common areas, such as the two entrances and irrigation and electricity
  • hiring a management company that collects dues, manages other financial, and legal activities
  • community activities such as the winter decorating contest and crime prevention gathering
  • communications including quarterly newsletters, mailings, the website
The management company provides valuable services, such as maintaining the accounting records and notifying homeowners who are not in compliance with the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions.  A Board of Directors, officers, and committees, who are volunteers, handle the rest. 
Governing Regulations and Documents
This association is a legal entity and must operate according to its governing documents as well as relevant laws. These include (in order of precedence):
Many federal, state, and local rules and regulations apply.
Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCRs) 1995 
These were created by the developer.  They set forth the legally binding rights and obligations of both the association and the homeowner.  
  • There are two sets for Stoneridge, which are identical except for the streets covered. 
    • Wells Branch Phase P (1994) – Bescott Dr.
    • Wells Branch Phase R (1995) – Camas, Parralena Ln, Purslane Meadow Trl, Rose Pavonia Pl, and the section of Ploverville Ln east of Wells Port
  • These documents are In force until Dec 31, 2068, then automatically extend for 10 years unless amended  by vote of 75% of the owners
Articles of Incorporation (1995)
Legal document filed with Texas Secretary of State (SOS) establishing the organization as a non-profit corporation in Texas. 
Bylaws and Amendments 1995 & 2022
  • Includes information regarding meetings, elections, governance by the Board of Directors, and more. 
  • Routine activities (like approving a large expense or elections) require a simple majority of those present.
  • Amending bylaws is more difficult as that requires at least 50% of property owners participating in a meeting to form a quorum and then 75% approval of those voting.
A copy of the signed bylaws and amendments are filed with Travis County, as is the Records Retention Policy. 
These are created by the Board and can be adjusted as needed. Example: instructions for how to submit an architectural change request.