Neighbor News
  • Thank you to all who voted on the proposed annual assessment increase.  Although, those who voted in favor of the increase were in the majority, 57%, the total number of owners who voted did not reach the needed 2/3rd number as required by the CCR document.  The Board of Directors will meet in the near future to consider ways to maintain a healthy Reserve account for the POA. 
  • 2023-2024 Board Members are Secretary Nanci Boice, Vice President Debbie Brown, President Tonna Marcyes
  • Stoneridge Facebook page - This is a good way to see up to date information about lost pets, immediate concerns, and community events.
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General Information
Welcome to Stoneridge Wells Branch Property Owners Association!  Located on the northern boundary of Austin, Texas in Travis County, our neighborhood consists of 132 single-family homes plus 3 small green space lots. 
Stoneridge is part of the Wells Branch Municipal Utility District (MUD), a planned community of more than 6200 households that features an extensive park system, miles of walking trails, two pools, tennis courts, a wonderful library, athletic fields, a recreation center, and much more. Stoneridge sits on the eastern side of Wells Branch with walking trails and a butterfly garden to the south and adjacent to the the local library on the northern edge.
Members of the community can be seen walking or biking through the neighborhood, enjoying the parks and playgrounds, and participating in numerous scheduled celebrations and activities during the year. Stoneridge is a GREAT place to live!
Property Owner Accounts
All homeowner accounts on this platform have been created. Either you set up your own or the administrators established a basic account for your property and emailed you details 12/3. See details on the Members Area page. Please contact stoneridgewb.web@gmail.com if you have questions. We're here to help!
Starting in 2023, both the POA Board and Bishop Management Company will move primarily to email communications.  This will reduce printing and postage expenses as well as get information out more quickly.  Only official correspondence that requires postal mailing will be mailed.  The new platform (website) allows us to easily send email and text communications to our community.  We are also exploring the future options to notify via SMS Text alerts in real time if neighbors select this option. 
Important Note: Remember, Bishop Management Company has its own processes separate from this website/platform.  Contact THEM for anything related to dues, covenant enforcement. 
Landscaping News
Posted on Apr 2nd, 2023
Pardon our Dust! Stoneridge is looking forward to the new and improved entrance landscaping plantings for the spring season.  The Landscape Committee met with PS Landscapes to remove and replace many of the plantings in all 4 entrance beds. The common areas suffered during the winter ice storms that devastated the perennial plants and so many of our trees. 
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Enforcement of Policies & Regulations
Posted on Mar 26th, 2023
A new page has been added to the website on the Governance tab. It provides an overview of the CCRs enforcement and explains the collection process for delinquent accounts.  An updated policy for the collection of late fees and actions on delinquent accounts is effective June 1, 2023.  This policy does not supersede Texas law and is not legal advice.