Neighborhood News
      Wastewater Averaging:  Winter wastewater averaging has begun.  It extends from December 7, 2023 - March 6, 2023.  Contact Crossroads with all water and wastewater questions.
         Next POA Board Meeting is Monday, March 4th.  Go to the Member's area and log in for details.
       Garbage and Recycling bins:  No bins may be visible from the street, sidewalks or yard.  
Management Company Contact:   
Stoneridge Wells Branch POA
c/o CSA Management, Inc.
9011 Mountain Ridge Dr. Ste 200
Austin, TX  78759-7251
     Stoneridge Facebook page - This is a good way to see up to date information about lost pets, immediate concerns, and community events.
See News Articles (to the right), visit Meetings page (Member tab) and check email for more info.
General Information
Welcome to Stoneridge Wells Branch Property Owners Association!  Located on the northern boundary of Austin, Texas in Travis County, our neighborhood consists of 132 single-family homes plus 3 small green space lots. 
Stoneridge is part of the Wells Branch Municipal Utility District (MUD), a planned community of more than 6200 households that features an extensive park system, miles of walking trails, two pools, tennis courts, a wonderful library, athletic fields, a recreation center, and much more. Stoneridge sits on the eastern side of Wells Branch with walking trails and a butterfly garden to the south and adjacent to the the local library on the northern edge.
Members of the community can be seen walking or biking through the neighborhood, enjoying the parks and playgrounds, and participating in numerous scheduled celebrations and activities during the year. Stoneridge is a GREAT place to live!
Property Owner Accounts on this website
All homeowner have accounts. These accounts are NOT connected to the management co. accounts for payment of assessments.  See details on the Members Area page. Please contact stoneridgewb.web@gmail.com if you have questions. We are here to help!
Contact CSA Management for anything related to assessments, fines, covenant enforcement, Architectural Change Requests, etc.  associations@csarealtygroup.com 
  • You can download the instructions/form for Architectural Change Requests from this website, but send the request to CSA Management, Inc. 
  •  Architectural Change Reminder:  ALL changes, updates, repairs, remodeling, additions, installations, painting, roof replacements, fencing replacement, shed changes, green houses, stonework, cement / concrete walkways and driveways, etc. to the exterior of all properties MUST be approved by the Architectural Committee.  The form is available on the website with instructions to submit the form to CSA Management.
Garbage and Recycle Bins
Posted on Jan 28th, 2024
All garbage and recycle bins should be kept out of sight when the house is viewed from any angle on the street. After garbage pick up, bins should be promptly removed from the street and street view. 
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Payment of Assessments
Posted on Nov 7th, 2023
Assessments are payable to:  Stoneridge c/o CSA Management, Inc.,   9011 Mountain Ridge Dr. #200, Austin, TX 78759  associations@csarealtygroup.com   This is not the link from which homeowners can create payment accounts.  Look on the Meetings and Information page of this website for that link. Remember to log into this website to access the Meetings and Information page.
Their accounts are NOT connected to the POA website.  Look on the Meetings and Information page for a reminder about how to create / log in to your account with CSA Management, Inc,  CSA will also receive the Architectural Request forms and will send out CCR violation notices.  On January 1, 2024, the Annual Assessment will be $300. per year.  
New Architectural Change Request form
Posted on Nov 5th, 2023
The new Architectural Change Request form has now been uploaded to this website.  Homeowners also received a copy via email from the CSA Management, Inc.  ARC form, CSA Management, Inc.   Any change to the exterior of the house / property must be approved by the Architectural Committee prior to starting the project.  It may take up to 90 days for approval.  Examples of items needing approval:  painting, fencing, concrete work, masonry work, roof and structural repair, water feature and pool installation and alteration, ...  Always review the Covenants, Conditions, and Rules.